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One of the major effects to have come out of the quarantine is the mass adoption of online remote education by schools around the country. So much of what we do has already been moved online, so from an outsider’s viewpoint it seems like teaching online should be such a simple and obvious thing. We just need to take what we are already doing and move it online.

If I had a class of twenty students, I simply send out the Zoom invitations and ask the students to all log in at the assigned time. From there I can continue…

A recent study found that 76% of parents want their children to end up in STEM-related careers. And with an ever-growing number of jobs requiring knowledge of new technologies, it isn’t very hard to see why. From manufacturing to marketing, most jobs today are dependent on computers for their success. And computers are dependent upon code.

That’s probably why so many parents are hoping to get their kids into coding.

As many as 85% of parents are encouraging their children to learn to code, according to one study. But despite wanting their kids to learn, many parents are at a…

Last year, millions of kids started learning to code.

…Coding Clubs
Online Tutorials
Summer Camps etc.

But with these one-off coding activities, very few actually end up successfully learning to code.


The answer lies in this concept of consistent and spaced repetition.

It is the idea that revisiting what we learn, in periodic intervals, is the key to long-term retention.

It is the idea that for us to retain what we learn, consistent and spaced repetition is mandatory.

Look at this graph below:

“Forgetting Curves” from article Spaced Repetition: The Most Effective Way to Learn, by Josette…

Last month, I took over 50 Ubers in India.

During these trips, I talked to the cab drivers about their thoughts on Uber.

In these conversations, some interesting insights emerged.

The common theme is this — They can’t believe that Uber, with a simple software product, is getting the lion’s share of profits.

Their contention was that the traditional sources of investment in a business was all made by them.

  • They invest the capital needed to buy the car.
  • They invest the manual labor needed to drive.
  • They cover all the gas and maintenance expenses.

However, Uber walks away with…

How many children come up with wild and crazy ideas for bold inventions, usually using some kind of robot to accomplish their goals? What if those children could be empowered to make those ideas come to life? Robotics is a combination of engineering and coding. In today’s world, introduction to both engineering and coding can start as young as four years old!

The push for STEM education comes from a rapid acceleration in STEM based jobs while a low number of students are pursuing STEM degrees. It directly targets girls who are vastly under-represented in the fields due to societal…

Email is the name of the game these days and yet it seems impossible to actually find emails anymore. Spam bots have led people to avoid leaving their email address out and about, which makes things challenging for outreach marketing.

Some people have switched to writing their [@] email(dot)com address in ways that would elude a bot and I personally am so thankful for them who make my job easier. But when you need to find a lot of emails quickly, email marketing tools are the way to go! Here are my favorites.


Here are 6 charts all middle school parents should see. The charts are backed by data from reputed sources like the Brookings Institution, College Board, National Center for Education Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Gallup, and more.

All middle school parents will find that these charts collectively reflect the kind of world our kids will be graduating into.

1. Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States.

We also see that computing jobs are infiltrating every field of study. This growth is projected at twice the rate of all other jobs. This means that we, as parents, need to prepare our children with computing skills.

2. 71% of STEM jobs are in computing, but only 8% of STEM graduates are in computing.

Kids should learn to code because certain benefits of coding help to build a foundational shift that is much needed in today’s world of technology.

Whether we read our favorite book, make our shopping list (remember our dear Alexa?), or talk to our friends (yes, I mean Whatsapp!), we use software apps. These apps enable us to do everything in a more fun-filled way.

We all realize that in the future more products and services will be software-enabled. Explicably, this is causing a higher demand for technical skills in almost every professional field. …

Preparing our children for the future is to prepare them for jobs that don’t exist yet.

One area that will open up some very interesting jobs and careers over the next 10–15 years is driverless cars.

And, driverless cars are mostly made of software.

Last week, I met this interesting team that demonstrated the core construct of driverless cars. Even though they are doing it for educational purposes, it explained the core idea pretty well.

The car is basically taking pictures and sending sensory information to a computer. …

Jey Iyempandi

Founder and CEO of CodeWizardsHQ, the leading online coding school for students ages 8–18.

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